Hermitage Essential Oils Ylang Ylang Complete (Ylang Ylang komplett 5 ml)

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Ylang Ylang, blommornas blomma! Denna är en komplett form som är den man föredrar terapeutiskt. Hur ska vi beskriva doften? Läs hur Adam Michael beskriver den här nedanför. Ylang Ylang har en förförande exotisk doft. Den verkar lugnade, motverkar oro. Ofta ingår den i väldigt kvinnliga blommiga dofter. Den är kraftfull så dosera varsamt.
Älskar den!

Använd i aromastreamer, hudvård, massageolja och bad.

Blandas väl med andra blommor, citron, bergamott och sandelträ mm.



Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Complete

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of ylang ylang complete is a complex and beautifully diffusive exotic smelling floral with outstanding longevity. The top note is full of exotic wet floral sweetness, spiced fruit nuances and heady jasmine warmth. The heart and base notes are again full of floral warmth, subtle green nuances, spiced fruit and sweet musk qualities.

The production process of ylang ylang is quite complex and fascinating, so much so I have written an article which you can read here.

This material is useful for creating exotic floral bouquets, spiced floral notes, pairs very well with orange blossom, champaca and jasmine naturals and is a must for building exotic rain fresh watery notes.”

Mark Evans has this to say “Ylang ylang is one of my absolute favourite floral notes. It is so sweet, tropical, exotic, spicy, heady and alluring. A fragrance that blends those of jasmine, champaca and carnation, ylang ylang is surely the flower of flowers!

This is the Complete grade of oil which consists of a blend of the other grades, or fractions. Some unscrupulous producers will blend in higher proportions of the grade 3 and 2 than the lower yielding grades 1 and Extra. A single smell of this Hermitage offering, though, will reveal that it is perfectly balanced to arrive at the most beautiful and consistent representation of the flowers themselves.

Test this Complete grade of oil in comparison with the other grades and you will find that the fractions re-inforce each other to result in a stronger, brighter and longer lasting ylang ylang oil than any of the other grades in isolation. It is truly beautiful with intoxicatingly creamy and spicy petal notes. Very refined with complexity, depth and character but without the funky indolic notes that come with jasmine and tuberose. Ylang ylang Complete is incredibly versatile, adding floralcy, spiciness, sweetness and a touch of exotica to pretty much any style of perfume.”

Botanical Name: Cananga odorata var. genuina

Origin: Comoros


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